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One day this phrase dropped on my heart: Celebrate Singleness. Celebrate? Singleness? Never really heard too many people put those two words together but since I know it was from the Lord I was pretty excited to see what this was about.

  • What does it mean to Celebrate Singleness?

  • Does it mean taking numerous trips with your friends?

  • Making more money.. and spending it?

  • Doing what you want, when you want?

  • Does it mean walking in purpose and embracing your passions?

  • Does it mean living your life for God, with all you have?

Celebrating singleness is a time to honor God with what you have, embrace who you are and what you're called to be, while being single. Sometimes people think you can’t really start doing the things you want or dream of until you have a companion and that’s simply not true. Travel the world, write the book, start the business, go forth in ministry, get your education… While single.

Celebrate means- “To observe or commemorate with ceremonies or festivities. To praise widely or to present to widespread and favorable public notice...”

If you celebrate now, you can appreciate the future without regret. Celebration breeds gratefulness, and I don’t want to waste precious time in any season.

Picture this ...

A child goes off to college and during their college years does not develop academically, professionally or socially the entire time they are there. I mean came in one way and left out the exact same lol Its pretty safe to say they wasted their time and their parents time and resources. Not to mention the opportunities missed, the potential lost and dreams stagnant because of not maximizing the time they had. That is exactly what wasting your singleness looks like!

What celebrating singleness is not:

It is not a dishonor or disregard for marriage.

I am not of this new wave of all out dishonor for marriage. I desire a Godly marriage, to be a Godly wife and mother. I know of many women who are wives and love how they love and serve their families, same with their husbands. I think we have enough bad examples of relationships and seen the unfortunate results of broken families. That is why I love to see healthy, blooming kingdom marriages. So, just because I love life in my singleness, doesn’t mean I don't want to be married. I am just appreciative of what I have, who I am and what I'm called to do. My desire is to live that out and not be stagnant on the purpose God has for me, the single me.

It is not a chance to flirt with purity

I'm not a "dating queen", I don’t juggle men or the opportunity to date because I’m free to do it anymore. Nor do I want to entertain what is not for me. If we're honest, there are plenty of people who are by all means fine, but not for us. Therefore, I have to be intentional about guarding my gates, knowing my type, what’s a deal breaker and the like so I don’t end up with a counterfeit.

Or..."shoot my shot" because I want him to notice me

Or... take matters in to my own hands because I don't want to wait

Or... just let any and everything slide in my DM's

Again... wasting time. My singleness can’t be celebrated if I'm too busy frustrated by me and the wrong decisions I’ve made.

It's not a time to disregard self

I think when people see young single adults it’s a universal thing to say things like "its ok to do that! you’re single!" or my favorite "girl you better do it now while you’re single and don’t have any kids..." However, though it’s tempting, I don’t really want my singleness to be a license to be irresponsible in my 20s (I probably hit my max in college, anyway). Now there will be times of trial and error because mess ups happen, how else will we learn? However, my desire is to be more intentional with doing things the right way rather than neglecting certain needs and life skills now. I could buy a different car, get a downtown condo I can’t really afford, put everything on credit and neglect my body as a whole (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical) for the sake of being young and single, but that probably won’t benefit me much in the future.

What Celebrating Is!

  • It’s a time to serve others

  • To get healing from your past

  • To become healthy mentally, physically and emotionally

  • It’s a time to read your bible, study the word and to live it out by practicing it.

  • It's a time to get acquainted with what you like: go to the movies, try new things, see new places, work on a hobby

  • It’s a time to develop

  • A time to call your friends over for book clubs and bible studies!

The time is now, to Celebrate Singleness!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Until next time,


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