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False Light - pt 1

Greek life. Cream of the crop, historical, even seen as elite on some college campuses. Widely accepted in the community and even in the church. Over a century worth of sisterhood/brotherhood with like-minded people who’ve made history in America. My freshman year I was intrigued, when I turned 20 I became a member and for almost 4 years I worked hard for AKA. I had some ups and downs, became friends with wonderful people and made connections almost everywhere I went because of the affiliation I had with the organization. It all came to an end when my bible pulled the rug up from under all of what I thought I knew about the org I pledged, which ultimately led me to denounce the sorority. Crazy what the Lord can do in 4 short years.

I’ve heard nearly ALL of the common rebuttal comments about denouncing greek, mainly because it came from my own mouth; “They’re a minister and they’re greek so it must be fine”, “its only an idol if you make it one”, and the most popular response: “Greek life isn’t for everybody”….and you’re right with the last one. It’s not for everybody, specifically the children of God. I’m fully aware that some Christians genuinely don’t know what’s wrong with the org and are blindly agreeing to things to become a member. I was one of them. So over the past year the Lord taught me exactly why I had to leave the sorority and in this post I’m going to share it. I’m not here to do a “tell all” story, to debate or even belittle you with words because you might be involved in AKA. I’m here to share my testimony and state the facts according to the Word. I pray that you too, would look at the practices, rituals, and nature of the org and align it with God’s Word. This is probably the most open I’ve ever been in writing, but that’s ok, because it needs to be said.

Unanswered Questions

In 2013 I graduated from college and relocated. I was still in the sorority and looking forward to being a lifetime active member, so I joined a grad chapter. Coincidentally, around this time I became sincere about leaving the ways of the world and walking with Christ for real, so I surrendered my life to Christ that year. That season was so refreshing and nothing like I’ve ever known before. For the first time I was experiencing joy in the Lord and willing to surrender anything He asked of me….until He, to my surprise, started knocking on AKA’s door.

After I was saved I noticed a huge change in my interest in AKA. All of the sudden I didn’t want to rep like I used too. I was heavily convicted when it came to hazing so I disconnected myself from participating. I started to really grow in the Lord and notice my views shift dramatically. It got to the point where I didn’t want to be a part of anything that I had to hide. Lording over another woman and belittling them in efforts to make them one and women of standard is not love or the character of Christ. It became clear to me that a Christian has no place in the basement, but the official side of things is where the answers weren’t quite clear yet. It was numerous scripture and prayer references in ceremonies and meetings. I wasn’t sure of what was said or what I agreed to in the rituals, but I did remember a devotional before rituals and even the bible being present at initiation, so I thought, it had to be fine, right?

Why were rituals and oaths necessary for membership? Where did those practices come from and what did the procedures really symbolize? What Christian principles is this founded on? Although I pondered on these things secretly, when I was approached by people with similar questions I put on a mask and gave them a good ol’ generic, “The divine nine are not Christian orgs but are founded on Christian principles” answer.

I had no scripture to defend anything, I had no confirmation from God that any of it was ok, and I had no clue what “Christian principles” it was really founded on. If you count throwing scriptures in the mix, anyone can do that, it doesn’t mean it honors God. A tree is known by the fruit it bears (Luke 6:44). It was getting to a point where the community service, sisterhood and historical prestige weren’t enough; but my allegiance was too strong at the time to leave for unanswered questions.

Warning Signs

A few months go by and I’m reading in the book of Mark. I get through to the 12th chapter and when I read verse 29-31 my heart clinched. I noticed a similarity between the sorority’s pledge and the commandment. As my mind started comparing I quickly turned the page and denied it, thinking that I was over analyzing. See, I said I wanted answers but when God was showing me signs I wasn’t willing to face reality, so I brushed off every red flag before He could reveal it to me. Shortly after, I was experiencing night terrors and intrusive thoughts, not knowing where it was coming from. I felt hopeless and was desperate to come out of this. I wasn’t hearing from God at all and I didn’t understand what the hindrance was. I went on a strict water only fast seeking the Lord for guidance because I couldn’t take too much more of this. I went to a bible study with my sister that week and not only was the topic on rebellion, but I later realized that it was actually what was hindering me. I was being led to leave the sorority and I responded with disobedience.

While in grad chapter meetings, I noticed something severely wrong with reciting the pledge. It was just too big of a promise for me to make. I kept being reminded that the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21). Still in denial, I reasoned with myself ways of getting around it so I could still obey the Lord and stay in AKA. It’s hard to admit that, but it was the truth. I went from leaving hazing activities alone, to leaving grad chapter, to considering being a general member, that didn’t have to do much but pay dues. Then it hit me, if it offends Him to participate in the main things of the org why be in it at all? Well, great question.

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