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The Name

The name Thorns and Lilies stems from Song of Solomon 2:2.


“Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the women”.


  As I envisioned a lily among thorns, I saw it as a metaphor of beautiful things - a Lily - arising in the mist of a dark and fallen world - Thorns . It is Christ's sacrifice that enables us to be a light in this world (2 Cor 5:21). It is by this power through His Resurrection that enables us to turn our trials into beautiful lessons that exemplify His Glory. 


What To Expect

Blog Posts

The point of this blog is to give God the Glory by the sharing of testimonies, to encourage women to be set-apart, and beautifully embrace being an Image Bearer of God. 


Let's Talk Series: 'Let's Talk' is a compilation of topics that are fairly common but aren't discussed in a practical way. The Q&A section will be with individuals who have experience on the particular matter and want to shed light, in hopes to bring insight and understanding to the reader. Real People. Real Questions. Real Answers.



Thrifty Finds

Making  our way through thrift stores, sale racks and clearance isles....because style isn't determined by a price tag :)


Columbus Restaurants 

Columbus has evolved into a food lovers destination. It was recently dubbed a foodie city along with NYC, San Francisco and LA. This section of the blog will showcase the many different options Columbus has to offer!



Did you throw out all of your old music and need something to replace it with? Looking for a website with relevant topics discussed through a Godly lens? Or maybe you just want to find a clothing site to up your witness wear. Well, this is what alternatives are for :) This page is just a few picks of music, artists and websites I'd like to share! 

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