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Tailored To You

As I get older, I notice the evolution of style in myself and the world that surrounds me. When you’re a child, you wear whatever your parents tell you to wear. When you're a teen, you probably wore whatever was trending at the time. For me, it was: flare pants, air brushed shirts, air force ones, bedazzled bandanas, and the list goes on. All in all, it was fashion and the way we expressed ourselves. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I developed my own individual style. It was also a time when I realized my flawed assumptions of modesty, body types and individuality. With all the fashion trends that float around every season, the more I shopped the more I had to determine what’s “in” versus what’s me. I had to grow to be comfortable and confident in my body type and wear clothes that embrace that. During this process I had my mindset tailored a bit and these are a few behaviors that got hemmed up along the way:

Modesty Doesn’t Mean Frumpy

When I got saved, for some reason I assumed I had to look a certain way. I figured the heels in my closet were too high and that there was no longer room for my sheath dresses. I started to wear overly big cardigans and clothes with a mindset that this is what modesty looks like. It was then when I got so graciously hit with the newsflash: Modesty doesn’t mean frumpy.

It can be stylish and not materialistic. It can be feminine and not seductive. It can fit and not be sexy, and lastly, it should be... YOU

I realized that I didn’t have to use my favorite Christian female blogger, preacher or other sisters in Christ as a template for what I should wear. I also realized that my wardrobe does not solidify that I am modest. When the Lord does something He starts from within. Modesty starts from the base of the heart. Everything we do flows from it (Prov 4:23) and if we're not careful we'll be deceived and think it's the other way around (1 Samuel 16:7).

Assess. Adjust. Embrace.

We have to adjust to a lot of things in life, and for me, clothes won’t be one of them. If anything, it will be the other way around. I’ve adopted a new rule a while back that if it doesn’t fit, I don’t wear it. Long gone are the days of super cuffing my pants or rolling up my sleeves so my shirt fits my arm. I'm more comfortable that way and definitely more confident. If you’re petite like me, look for stores who have petite sections; H&M, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Forever 21 and even Target. If you’re tall, curvy, slim, etc. and you can’t find one in your area I’d advise you to look online. You’ll be surprised at the vast options from on-line stores. And if you’re on a tight budget, shun not the thrift store, for it is a gift!

Make It Work

There are a couple of pieces of clothing that I don’t wear on its own. It’s either too short, tight, or flowy to wear by itself. So in order to keep those pieces and keep it PG at the same time, I make it work. I’m good for turning a dress into a shirt or wearing leggings under a really flowy dress or skirt so the wind won’t catch me slippin’.

These tips can be used at work, church, school or any special event you’d like to attend. It doesn't matter if your style is chic, preppy, sporty or just comfortable. Either way you want to throw it together, it can be done and tailored to you!

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