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Wrong Hand

A couple years ago at work, I was sitting in a room during an Excel 3 professional development training learning how to use pivot tables and it was there that it hit me: I’m out of place. It was there where I realized everything I was good at, I enjoyed doing, and could offer to others, I wasn’t doing. It was everything I asked for: Full-time employment, great benefits, and a better salary; but later I learned that though it was what I asked for, it wasn’t what I wanted. I desired to do direct service, to help facilitate growth in others, spend my days encouraging and supporting people who otherwise, wouldn’t have that. But I wasn’t there…. I was here. In a meeting room, writing with my left hand.

Writing With Your Left Hand

If you’ve never did this activity before, take a second and try it. On a piece of paper write your full name five times with your non dominant hand, which in my case is my left. Then on the same paper write your full name five times with your hand you usually write with.

See the difference? The frustration in using your left, compared to the ease in your right. With the other hand, you could’ve kept going if you wanted to. Doodling or writing in cursive. It leaves room for creativity. Not so with your non dominant hand. That’s exactly how it feels when you’re out of place. Your weaker skills are now amplified instead of building on your strengths. Instead of growth you’re working to the task. Not really developing.

It was then when I knew it was time to get in order. I later prayed about it and firmly decided that complaining was not going to help. I didn’t hate my job, it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I was definitely blessed to have it. It has allowed me to meet so many great people and be apart of awesome events and programs that has broadened my horizon in my work field. So with thankfulness, patience and a little bit of grit, I moved forward with a plan. That patience without a doubt, was hard to have but by the grace of God He saw me through by placing people in my life to encourage me and keep me going. These are a few tips I learned along the way:

Don’t complain, plan. Don’t be bitter, be grateful!

It’s A LOT of people with no form of income and plenty with no current opportunities to progress. So if you’re at a job you don’t like, it’s definitely a good problem to have because it’s not that easy for others.

Find your strengths and get to work. Get trained in those areas and be the best you can in whatever capacity you’re in. It may be a side business, it might look like becoming a stay at home mom, pushing past fear and doing something you’re called to do. Evaluate, seek the Lord for guidance and do it to the glory of God.

Everything is a lesson learned

At my very first job after college I liked the field I was in but I didn’t really like my job enough to stay there. It was not my ideal place to be and I wanted out very soon. One of the board members who was a really great supporter of the company gave me this advice: Whether you like a job or not, you always learn a lesson from it. You learn what you don’t like and you also learn what you do.

This helped me narrow down what I would look for in potential positions and even supervisors.

Don’t Go By Titles, Go By What You Are Good At

One day my coworker pulled me in his office to talk about a few things before he left to transition to a new job. As soon as I got in he asked: “So tell me what’s up? Why are you always looking forward to get off on Fridays?” I let out a small sigh and said “I don’t know”. It was the very first time I even noticed it and was a little embarrassed that he realized it.

He started coaching me in that moment, asking me what I like to do and what would I do for free. What kind of work environment do I hate, and what am I made to do. He shared with me his testimony of God helping him to find employment that he loved and the scriptures he stood on during that time. It encouraged me greatly to not go by titles but by what I’m good at. So now I see myself as someone who breaks down hard information so that others can learn it versus a teacher. I’m someone who loves to go alongside others to help them in times of need and/or develop them versus an intercessor. I love to see people come alive in doing what they were purposed to do versus a motivator. Try tp incorporate that into your life and you won’t limit yourself by boxing your gifts into one title.

Today, I am very fortunate to be working for an outstanding company where I can truly say I am growing, learning and given respect and I can’t thank God enough for placing me in a field that I truly love. The journey can seem long getting there but if you consult God, take good notes and apply them along the way, It is my belief that it will position you for the position!

Until Next Time,


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