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Mixed In

I went to Ghana for 7 weeks this year and it was absolutely amazing. To experience a different culture, language and people will always be a great memory of mine. When I was there, I noticed so many differences. The way they interact, the laws, societal structure, etc. was so different than what I had ever seen. I also noticed, that what I was used to had to change if I was going to successfully stay there. Not everything I used in America could be translated well in Ghana. For example, I can't go to a mall with 50 dollars and buy anything, I needed their currency. I wouldn't have had access into the country without a visa; and even certain common things in my homeland, was offensive there. Certain things like a thumbs up, use or shake hands with your left hand and other common western gestures were not seen as a good thing there. It amazed me that what was common to me, was actually a problem.

This is just an example, but this happens all the time in the spirit. Where we as believers come into a new kingdom, bringing with us things in the world that are not ok to continue to practice. Just like in Ghana, where what I was used to was not accepted in a new place, whats ok in the world has no place, is of no use, and should not be mixed in the kingdom. 26 “.....The nations whom you have removed and placed in the cities of Samaria do not know the rituals of the God of the land; therefore He has sent lions among them, and indeed, they are killing them because they do not know the rituals of the God of the land.” 27 Then the king of Assyria commanded, saying, “Send there one of the priests whom you brought from there; let him go and dwell there, and let him teach them the rituals of the God of the land.” (2 Kings 17: 26-27)

33 They feared the Lord, yet served their own gods—according to the rituals of the nations from among whom they were carried away.

In this scripture we see that these people honored God, but they followed their former rituals. As I observe so much of whats going on today, I see the same thing happening.

God Doesn't Need Help

There is a big use of charging crystals, burning sage, astrology, etc, all of which are ungodly ways to find peace, balance and a false sense of identity. Now, a popular thing that has been practiced is "manifesting". Manifesting is the belief that you can bring something forth by using your thoughts, feelings and by asking the universe. This can be dangerous, because 1) It makes us believe that we have a God-like control and 2) people use this spiritism to attract mates and other things. All of these practices are used to create a way to use created things to do what only the Creator can do. All of which come from traditional rituals, used by people who are not Christians. Do you see the problem here? People of God, are using rituals to aid themselves in things that God can do for them.

It is finding healing, minus God

gaining peace, minus God

searching for identity, minus God

looking for protection, minus God

This is exactly as the scripture said: They feared the Lord but also served their idols. Still today, their children and grandchildren continue doing as their fathers did (2 Kings 17:41).

Though it doesn't come from God, it is clearly seen being used among believers. I do believe some people genuinely don't know and are ignorant of the origin of these things. However there is a space to examine yourself and what you do to see if it aligns with your faith. There are also people who are not only ignorant, but genuinely hurting and desperate for answers and will try anything to find them. I'm not here to bash those who are clearly broken, but I am encouraging you to stop and see about these things according to the Word of God.

Manifesting things/people, crystals, burning sage, secret societies, zodiac signs, etc... check the origin and history of what you practice and reject following the trends of this world.

What is key here in this story is “they followed God and kept their idols”. This is witchcraft, and because of this fact, let this not be us.

Until Next Time, Jess

God's Protection: Psalm 121

God's healing: Isaiah 53:5

God's Identity for you: Jeremiah 1:5

Be blessed!

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