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Trials, Triumph, and Trying

The glory of doing what’s asked of us…

It’s a bumpy road at times and not as beautiful as one would seem. When I started this blog 8 years ago I almost had a panic attack posting my first piece of writing. I was hit with so much fear. To the point I called my sister for encouragement right before I clicked publish. You would think, for something that I knew God told me to do, that it wouldn't involve a large amount of anxiety. Why would that happen with something I knew I was supposed to do? Why wouldn’t it be easy? Why would there be trial in promise?

Or last year when I was waiting for my now husband to be approved to come live in the US. We met in Ghana and for a year and a half waited through the process of his immigration, which was only supposed to be 6 months. Because of the pandemic it took longer and we couldn’t do anything but pray and wait. We pushed back our wedding date three times. I bought my wedding dress in faith that he would be approved and I would be able to wear it one day. It was hard. It was a long wait. I was tired and they could’ve denied anyone with little reason, but we knew God approved of us and declared we would be married. Not just married, but that I would marry in the United States. Were there trials along the way? Yes! Was I tired of the process? Yes! But I knew what we were doing was a God promise, so if anything, I found encouragement in that.

The more I grow I continue to learn that what God has for us or calls us to do is not always met with ease. When I was a younger christian it was. Little warfare, insecurity, or discouragement was involved in my walk. God told me to do something, I did it and it was easy. Peaceful, joyful even. My previous pastor once said that when you’re new to the faith sometimes God will shield you from certain things because you can’t take it at the moment. And boy, do I reverence those days. However, though things are not always met with opposition for me, they are definitely character building, faith inducing situations that cause me to grow on every side. I’m getting used to the process of trying, the reality of trials, and the glory of triumphs. According to the Bible, I’m not the only one.


Moses- the people he helped lead out of Egypt wanted to go back.

Elijah- After a great defeat of the prophets of Baal, he is running for his life.

Jeremiah- He prophesied and no one listened. His life was on the line.


In Mark there was a set of friends who really, really wanted their friend healed. So bad, they picked him up, went on top of a roof, took it off, and lowered him down right where Jesus was. Not only was he healed, but his sins were forgiven too.


The woman with the issue of blood going through the crowd to get to Jesus took faith and a push past her look of desperation.

The man whose son needed healing was tried. After being told all things are possible for him that believes he then cried out the famous “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” Trying in its truest form.

We’re really not alone in this walk. Our situations are more relatable than we’d think. I’m encouraged to know that as we continue to follow the will of Christ, that though it might not always be easy, it will be worth it.

Until next time,



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