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When Wisdom Calls..

“Does not wisdom cry out, And understanding lift up her voice?” Proverbs 8:1

“A foolish woman is clamorous; She is simple, and knows nothing. For she sits at the door of her house, On a seat by the highest places of the city, To call to those who pass by, Who go straight on their way:” Proverbs 9:13-15

What I’ve noticed about this text is that not only does wisdom cry out, but so does folly (foolishness). Just like wisdom sends out invites, so does foolishness. The difference is the fruit.

Do we want fruit or consequence? Knowledge, or to have to walk around this mountain again.

Being a young adult, I realize more than ever the time and energy wasted in decisions of my past. Some of them, if I would have just listened to wisdom the first time, I wouldn’t have had those experiences. I had a mindset that its ok, I’m young it’s fine. However here, in scripture shows the woes of hindsight being 20/20:

And you mourn at last, When your flesh and your body are consumed, And say: “How I have hated instruction, And my heart despised correction! 13 I have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, Nor inclined my ear to those who instructed me! 14 I was on the verge of total ruin, In the midst of the assembly and congregation.” Proverbs 5:11-14

It’s safety when wisdom comes (Proverbs 11:14)

It’s structure when wisdom comes (Proverbs 8:22-31)

It’s wealth when wisdom comes (Proverbs 8:12 & 14-21)

In folly it’s the total opposite. Its danger, chaos, and poverty.

Here’s the thing about wisdom and folly: There is a continual lesson that will always be here and it’s that both are wanting our attention, but we have to choose what’s right for us.

We have plenty of opportunity to choose, almost daily. Cheat on our timesheets, lie on our applications, or listen to gossip from a coworker, the list goes on. Whether we take the opportunity, or we don’t. The power is in our response.

With all that’s going on today we have so much grabbing for our attention. Politics, pandemic news, fear and anxiety, anger, unfairness just to name a few. Every time we run up against these things it’s a time to practice the principal of choosing the best response. I could fear, but I won’t. I could let the news reports consume me. I could do foolish things with my money. I could not be integral while I’m working from home. I could prioritize my devotion and prayer life more or let it fall second on the list. It’s all a choice.

When wisdom calls, will you listen?

Until Next Time,



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